Arnaud Benard

Data Science Freelancer

Portrait of Arnaud Benard

I can improve your business by making sense of your data

I have built systems that are used by millions of people at venture backed startups, NGOs, banks and media companies.

Before going in the industry I was doing research at top academic institutions such as UC Berkeley, EPFL and the University of Tokyo


What I can help you with

Build and grow your product

Starting a new project is both exciting and overwhelming. I will guide you step-by-step and help you building your application with clear milestones.

Make sense of your data

With the power of Python and the latest modern tools, I will help you cleaning and analyzing your data to get the best insights for your business and translate them into actionable items.


Past clients and side projects


Sana Labs

Building a virtual brain that will teach anything to anyone


Currently building an internal team of data scientists. Lead the front-end development of the Progress platform: an analytics tool for non-profits.


Built a crowdfunding platform for open-source projects and collectives. Designed a complex payment system that can handle multiple providers and the product's infrastructure with the team.



Recommendations from previous clients

He dived into the payments world without hesitation and built an end to end system. That's how we launched our Alpha!

He was a pleasure to work with - he is resourceful, an excellent communicator, understands how to move fast when needed and when to slow down to get crucial pieces of the system tested thoroughly.

Arnaud worked on building our SaaS offering into a product that RBS, Natwest and Lloyds bank are all using.

Both his practical understanding of development and his clear commercial understanding of business inspired me.

The two combined proved to be a killer combination!

Besides being an excellent designer and programmer, Arnaud is just really pleasant to work with. He was extremely passionate about KA Lite and it showed in his attitude and work.

He is serious, skilled, and very modest and patient in working through software issues.

I would work again with Arnaud any time!


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