You can install redux-mock-store via npm, we recommend installing the library as a dev dependency.

npm install redux-mock-store --save-dev


Synchronous action

The simplest usecase is for the synchronous actions. In this example, we will test if the addTodo action returns the right payload. redux-mock-store saves all the dispatched actions inside the store instance. You can get all the action by calling store.getActions(). Finally, you can use any assertion library to test the payload.

import configureStore from 'redux-mock-store'

const middlewares = []
const mockStore = configureStore(middlewares)

// You would import the action from your codebase in a real scenario
const addTodo = () => ({ type: 'ADD_TODO' })

it('should dispatch action', () => {

  // Initialize mockstore with empty state
  const initialState = {}
  const store = mockStore(initialState)

  // Dispatch the action

  // Test if your store dispatched the expected actions
  const actions = store.getActions()
  const expectedPayload = { type: 'ADD_TODO' }

Asynchronous action

A common usecase for an asynchronous action is a HTTP request to a server. In order to test those types of actions, you will need to call store.getActions() at the end of the request.

import configureStore from 'redux-mock-store'
import thunk from 'redux-thunk'

const middlewares = [thunk] // add your middlewares like `redux-thunk`
const mockStore = configureStore(middlewares)

// You would import the action from your codebase in a real scenario
function success() {
  return {

function fetchData () {
  return dispatch => {
    return fetch('/users.json') // Some async action with promise
      .then(() => dispatch(success()))

it('should execute fetch data', () => {
  const store = mockStore({})

  // Return the promise
  return store.dispatch(fetchData())
    .then(() => {
      const actions = store.getActions()


configureStore(middlewares?: Array) => mockStore: Function

Configure mock store by applying the middlewares

mockStore(getState?: Object,Function) => store: Function

Returns an instance of the configured mock store. If you want to reset your store after every test, you should call this function.

store.dispatch(action) => action

Dispatches an action through the mock store. The action will be stored in an array inside the instance and executed.

store.getState() => state: Object

Returns the state of the mock store

store.getActions() => actions: Array

Returns the actions of the mock store


Clears the stored actions

store.subscribe(callback: Function) => unsubscribe: Function

Subscribe to the store

store.replaceReducer(nextReducer: Function)

Follows the redux API